QEMU SystemC


QEMU-SystemC is a modification to QEMU to allow mixed HW/SW simulations. The use of QEMU allows to simulate entire and complex systems (Intel-PC, ARM platforms, etc).

With QEMU-SystemC, we allow to simulate SystemC described modules, as if they were connected to system bus (PCI in Intel platforms, AMBA in ARM platforms, ...).


Currently, QEMU-SystemC plugs to qemu-0.12.1 (last qemu version)

For installation information go to QEMU-SystemC Deployement book


  • Instructions to import the QEMU Wrapper to Innovator.

    You will need this file that contains:

    • libraries:
      • libqemu.a
      • libqemu_common.a
      • libqemuSC.a
    • source code:
      • qemuWPSC.[cc|h]
      • sc_slave_dummy.h

    The libraries are built from QEMU source code (at svn) using gcc shiped with Innovator.

    To import the wrapper into Innovator:

    1. Impo
  • At this point, building QEMU and SystemC (qbox) is hard. We're working to make it much better, and to come up to date with the latest version of QEMU.

    In the meantime, the best description of how to proceed is given in this post:


Release List:
package lableStabilityDateProjectArchitectureQuality
qemu-sc/0.9.1-0.1/barestable (has been tested)10 Dec 08QEMU SystemCall